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Continent of Africa

In our voluntary efforts as the ambassadors of world peace, unity, and reconciliation; we bring you a summarized coverage of incredible global cultures across regions and continents as our primary task, Vision-2036.

We explore the continent of Africa which is geographically divided into 5 regions: East, Central, west, Northern, and South Africa Region. The multi-faceted cultures of Africa, the continent incredibly worthwhile and substantial, this is a continent with mixed various natural resources ranging in trillions of dollars, and strongly respected religious cultures spread throughout the continent.

The African cultures have diverse aspects, such as oral traditions, which also include folktales, which are stories told by word of mouth and passed from generation to generation. Their cultures: include many forms of visual art.

Traditional art serves several functions. Some art objects, such as; fabrics and baskets. Despite the wide variety of cultures in Africa, there are apparent similarities in dress, cuisine, musical genres, and wealth. Many of the visual similarities lie along the lines of clothing, especially formal clothing. The continent comprises countries with rich history, because of its distinct languages and cultural heritage.

African culture has advanced to preserve African people's identities, worldviews, and History. Authentic African cultures respond to the unique environment, natural resources, and physical personalities.

Global Community Transformation strongly believes that in our vision for 2036, the world is going to invest and tap into the tremendous, Africa’s wealthier cultures and heritage tourism industry.

This is a sacrificial voluntary responsibility for everyone anywhere in the world, to contribute towards peace-building and harmony in adapting to the world of Diversity. Should you, therefore, be interested in partnering with Global Community Transformation to further World Vision-2036, or do you want to work with GCT in your country?

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