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Global Community Transformation (GCT) is a registered (Not for Profit) Community Transformation Organization, (Registration No: 97241). Established in 2008.Since then; thousands of children, youths and their families have benefited from GCT voluntary initiatives.

Promoting Intercultural (multicultural)

Environmental Conservation & Sustainable Agriculture

Caring for Humanity

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We provide assistance...

Cultural- Diversity

The world Multicultural Establishment – that encourages the Global community to embrace diversity of cultures

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Cultural Exhibitions

An Intercontinental cultural festival is held in different countries every two years.

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Language Teachings

A cultural Showcasing village with the University of Culture & Environment.

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Caring for Humanity

Projects and initiatives aiming direct support to humans in need.

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Environmental Conservation

Efforts and programs related to countering climate change, environment protection...

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Partnerships & Networking

Private Organizations & NGO that supports diversity.

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Humans could exist without language or culture, but they probably wouldn't exist for very long. A society cannot exist without culture, since culture is an accumulation of norms, behaviors, and practices that determine how the society functions in daily life. Several social institutions are involved in society; these include family, educational, religious, sports, and political institutions.

Culture defines people’s and nations’ identities. Culture is the front page of who we are. Culture influences identity by shaping traditions and social structures, which in return contribute to the formation of individual and collective identities. Culture impacts societies by shaping what people believe and claim to know. These dynamics also influence how individuals and groups perceive the world, interpret events, and interact with others.

We are convinced that Cultural diversity is at the center of building world peace and bringing societies in harmony, boosting sustainable tourism, and the overall economic development of nations. GCT understands that Culture is considered as important as it is a reflection of a community or nation.

By understanding and appreciating different cultures, nations can promote mutual understanding and respect, reduce misunderstandings, and foster greater cooperation in addressing global challenges a health platform that contributes to conflict resolution.

The vision of GCT is bridging the gap between nations of diverse cultures, building and strengthening societies through; sustainable partnerships with stakeholders, promoting foreign language teaching and exposure, exchange of knowledge, collective values, formation of friendships, and supporting cultural education across age groups, with an assortment of technologies.

Our Services

The Services We Provide...

Promotes Cultural-Diversity

Cultural Exhibitions with Stakeholders Summits

Foreign Language Teachings

Cultural Heritage Tourism

Partnerships, Networking & Exchange Programs

Global Investors’ Network plus Conferences

Environmental Conservation

Sustainable Agriculture

Caring for Humanity


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