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As Global Community Transformation is spearheading the mobilization of nations to embrace the hidden wealth of cultural diversity; we intend to launch an exclusive Festival to solidify the global vision.


Cultural Festival, 2026

In our voluntary campaign to mobilize nations to embrace cultural diversity's hidden wealth, we intend to launch an exclusive world-famous cultural Festival to solidify the global vision.

An Inter-continental Multi-Cultural Festival, rotating in different countries/continents & held once every two years; with a massive turn-up of participants, will be officially launched in 2026, three countries have been proposed, but the winner for the launch of the world’s famous cultural festival, and dates are yet to be determined by the GCT World Governing Assembly.

The first of its own globally is a signature project of GCT in partnership with local and global stakeholders; a 10-day cross-cultural festival with a stakeholder’s summit shall attract a great official representation from over 100 countries across continents to showcase their nations’ cultural valuables.

Feel free to check on us frequently for updates about the event...

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