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Continent of America

In our voluntary efforts as the ambassadors of world peace, unity, and reconciliation; we bring you a summarized coverage of incredible global cultures across regions and continents as our primary task, Vision-2036.

The American continent consists of four continents and the largest island in the world, North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Although Central America and the Caribbean are usually considered part of North America, all these dynamics make it a major continent of multiculturalism.

The culture of America in general refers to the rich arts, solid technologies, and other manifestations of human activities and achievements from the continent of America. The cultures of America reflect not only that of the continent’s indigenous peoples but also those cultures that followed European colonization as well

You will realize that every nation, race, and color is represented in America. The diversity of every man, woman, and child is what makes the American continent very strong and a region of numerous opportunities; especially If you choose to work hard and even persevere through failures and setbacks, people of diverse identities can still achieve success in the United States.

The American continent is home to hundreds of millions of people, which demonstrates a spirit of cross-cultures. The culture of America stems from a diverse set of cultural traditions, dating back to those of pre-Columbian civilizations and indigenous tribes, which have mixed with those of African slaves as well as Asian and European immigrants. And has been a major influence on art, culture, philosophy, rule of law and changed greatly in recent years.

Global Community Transformation believes that in the coming seasons, the world shall begin to look at the continents’ cross-cultural perception as one of the valuable assets that are making it a unique, developed, and strong continent.

This is a sacrificial voluntary responsibility for everyone anywhere in the world, to contribute towards peace-building and harmony in adapting to the world of Diversity. Should you, therefore, be interested in partnering with Global Community Transformation to further World Vision-2036, or do you want to work with GCT in your country?

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