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Continent of Europe

In our voluntary efforts as the ambassadors of world peace, unity, and reconciliation; we bring you a summarized coverage of incredible global cultures across regions and continents as our primary task, Vision-2036.

We appreciate the collective culture, History, and heritage of the European Continent. The continent is divided into regions (Northern, Eastern, Western South, and Central) Europe is a diverse and absorbing continent with an amazing rich history and valuable cultures. It is a popular tourist destination for millions, and it is home to some of the world’s most famous cities, with rich cultural backgrounds.

The culture of Europe is diverse and rooted in its art, architecture, traditions, cuisines, music, folklore, embroidery, film, literature, and economics. European culture tends to be relatively laid-back, with greater emphasis on time with family. Europeans also have a greater sense of historical time. The European Heritage includes natural, built, and archaeological sites, museums, monuments, artworks, historic cities, literary, musical, and audiovisual works, and the knowledge, practices, and traditions of European citizens.

The spirit of the European Union has made the continent unique and economically solid; many European countries are home to the most cultured of all civilizations. Europeans live their lives full of tradition through their architecture, their arts, their history, and the nature that surrounds them. The European culture is the highest of all regions on egalitarianism, intellectual autonomy, and harmony, and the lowest on hierarchy and embeddedness. European culture is a term used to describe the common heritage and collective values shared by the diverse countries and regions within the continent of Europe. It encompasses a rich history of art, literature, philosophy, music, and various social customs that have advanced over centuries.

The religious cultures in the region are Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism are each prominent and respected in different parts of Europe. Christianity has long been the prevailing religion in Europe, and it remains the majority religious affiliation in the region. They are renowned for their rich cultural heritage, and have made significant contributions to art, literature, music, cuisine, and other aspects of culture.

In GCT’s campaign for inter-culture and Cultural Heritage Tourism, we value the God-given treasures of the European cultures and their adoption of diversity which we want to exhibit to the global platforms throughout the next decade.

This is a sacrificial voluntary responsibility for everyone anywhere in the world, to contribute towards peace-building and harmony in adapting to the world of Diversity. Should you, therefore, be interested in partnering with Global Community Transformation to further World Vision-2036, or do you want to work with GCT in your country?

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