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Way Forward

GCT appreciates that the dream of nations’ transformation cannot be realized in isolation of stakeholders and partners. When people work together, major strides and changes can be made! We have created opportunities for individuals, Companies and Organisations to join us in the process of changing our world in any of the GCT departments and programs. Thank you!

Reason to Donate

As a not-for-profit organization, we depend majorly on fundraising and donations that empower the leadership of GCT to accomplish the heavy responsibilities that are contributing to the well-being of humanity and to the peaceful world. By standing with us financially or in-kind for GCT global concerns, you play a vital role in addressing pressing issues.

Areas to Donate:

Cultural - Diversity

WDD Project
Cultural Festivals
GCT Media Project
Enable Foreign Language Teaching (sponsorship)
Heritage Model Village
Institute of Foreign Languages
Heritage Library
Enable GCT Global Campaigns on Diversity


Capacity Building Programs ( Engaging Rural Communities)
Support Green Urban Initiatives
Protect Lakes, Rivers & Runways Campaign
Sustainable Agricultural Projects (For Food Security)

Caring for Humanity

Clean Water to Persons in need
Shelter for Elderly People
Sanitation & Hygiene Project
Provision of Healthcare

Your donations provide essential resources for our organization to implement impactful projects and programs that empower individuals, communities, and nations in need of GCT services. Thank you!