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Caring for Humanity

Our Contribution focuses on Food, Shelter, clean water, healthcare & cultural-based education (foreign languages) targeting immigrants and the elderly.

We encourage, campaign, and support education systems associated with the cross-cultural initiatives that create jobs, foster world peace, facilitate equal partnerships & contribute to nations’ development. Current programs are designed to target displaced persons and immigrants of various age groups as a result of forced displacement and natural devastations.

Our research is proving that displaced persons also face discriminations which force them to develop stigmas and inferior-complex due to cultural differences which affects their settlements in new societies. GCT Cultural & Foreign Language programs with short courses aim at facilitating beneficiaries to not only learn the national culture but, also stay in the new societies peacefully, accepted by all.

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Our Services

The Services We Provide...

Promotes Cultural-Diversity

Cultural Exhibitions with Stakeholders Summits

Foreign Language Teachings

Cultural Heritage Tourism

Partnerships, Networking & Exchange Programs

Global Investors’ Network plus Conferences

Environmental Conservation

Sustainable Agriculture

Caring for Humanity


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